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It all started when Co-Owner Rob Beers suffered a broken neck and was sent down a road of pain management.

After multiple doctors and pain clinics, he felt hopeless of finding a way to manage pain without being prescribed into the world of opioid abuse. He found kratom and after a short time, noticed a complete turn around. The problem was that most of what was being sold on shelves was extremely over priced and inconsistent quality. Rob, being business minded, set out on a mission to source the plant for himself and that is how Black Beard Botanicals was born. It didn’t take long before the brand was taking up with a manufacturer and set on shelves of retail stores. Now Black Beard is growing into their own network of retail brick and mortars as well as e-commerce. Specializing in everything from kratom to delta 8, delta 10, D9, live resin, thc0 and HHC.

Come check out what the buzz is all about!

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