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Such as the name Champagne implies, this blend is luxury and excellence in all aspects! A perfect blend of Yellow Kratom, White Indo, White Gold, and White Kapuas kratom strains. If you’re looking for extra energy to complete a project, the increased mood for motivation, improved focus for more attention to detail, pain relief, and relaxation with moderate euphoria, Champagne will leave you feeling the confidence you need to succeed!

Champagne Benefits:

  • Extra Energy
  • Motivating Mood Boost
  • Improved Focus for More Attention to Detail
  • Pain Relief and Relaxation
  • Moderate Euphoria

Champagne dose timing: Morning to Afternoon

If you are looking for confidence in your next work meeting, hit a new personal record when training, or complete a project with more focus and attention to detail, all while having the benefits of relaxation, pain reduction and moderate euphoria, Champagne is the perfect blend. Since its effects are fast without the jitters, it is best to be taken morning through the afternoon as it may interfere with sleep.

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1 kilo powder, 150ct capsules, 1lb powder, 2oz powder, 4oz powder


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