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Green Private reserve


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Black Beard Botanicals Green Private Reserve is an equal blend of Emerald and Green Borneo kratom strains created to be super well balanced. This blend is not “too fast” or “too slow” making it well rounded between energy, relaxation, and pain relief. Additionally, with its consistent properties it is perfect for someone who is using kratom for the first time.

Green Private Reserve Benefits:

  • Steady Energy Boost
  • Pain Relief 
  • Relaxation/Anxiety Relief

Green Private Reserve dose timing: Morning, Afternoon

With Green Private Reserve’s blend of Emerald and Green Borneo kratom strains it is a great option for pain relief, relaxation/anxiety relief, and steady energy boost. This makes it perfect for taking throughout most of the day! Although some may be able to take Green Private Reserve in the evening due to its relaxation/anxiety relief, its sedative properties are not as strong as other strains of kratom and the steady energy boost may be a bit too much in the evening.

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1 kilo powder, 150ct capsules, 1lb powder, 2oz powder, 4oz powder


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